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About the Film

The Synopsis


In a world ravaged by a viral infection that turns its victims into cannibalistic monsters, Abby (Kirstie Piper) awakens afraid and alone to find herself "resurrected" from the living death brought on by this new black plague.

Dave (Jacob Reinhard) and Jon (Daniel Cutteridge), the two travelers who cured her the night before, begin to lead Abby on a journey through the pieces of her shattered life to overcome her memories as a mindless flesh eater, as well as to their home, Safe Haven.

Now, with the help of those who cured her, Abby must learn to navigate through the depths of her fractured psyche as well as a world full of monsters, some much worse than the plague could ever create.

The Director


 “We haven’t always had the best, but we’ve done the best with what we've had.”
- Matt Long, Writer and Director of  The Red Resurrection

Passion: the driving force behind all great things.

Director Matt Long channels his passion into his family, his faith, and his filmmaking. He is a student of leadership, the art of filmmaking and the Scriptures. He strives to be the best he can be in every area of his life.
Born and raised in Kentucky, Matt’s childhood was shaped by the cartoons, comics and movies of the 80’s and 90's. These influences fed and developed the creativity that now fuels his edgy, outside-the-box filmmaking.
As an independent filmmaker for 15 years, Matt has had the opportunity to build a versatile team of talented and dedicated people, develop his and their skills through each fast-paced project and grow in their knowledge and arsenal of filmmaking tools. With little to no budget, he and his crew have made many short films, children’s video series and won multiple awards in the 48 Hour Film Project including Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best Directing and even Best Film. This big win took them to Hollywood for the international competition where their film “TimmyVision” screened at the TCL Chinese Theater. Following this path of success led Matt and his crew in 2015 to start the arduous three year journey of making their first feature film, a faith-based zombie drama/thriller, The Red Resurrection, that has went on to win more than 20 awards worldwide.
Matt believes all media has a message. “We should know what we’re wanting to say before we say it. Knowing where we’re going brings greater clarity to the direction of a story and gives the audience a better chance to understand the core of our narrative. Media without a resolute message is pointless.” With allegory as his weapon of choice, Matt shares the truths he believes his audience needs to hear, whether through drama, comedy, sci fi, or even horror. His greatest desire is for people to walk away from his films, not only entertained, but seeing and understanding life from a perspective they never have before.

The Numbers


  • 5  Months of Writing
  • 2 Rewrites
  • 9 Months of Filming - Scheduling and Rescheduling
  • 40  Days of Production
  • 40+ Cast and Crew
  • 300+/- Hours Filming - All Nights and Weekends
  • 750-1,000 3-5 Second Cuts
  • 1,000+ Hours Editing/Visual FX
  • < $15,000 Overall Budget
  • 20+ Awards Worldwide

 After its initial premiere on November 30th of 2017 and a strong festival run in 2018, we have partnered with Nandar Pictures for domestic distribution of The Red Resurrection. The film is now available on DVD and Digital HD. Order your copy on Amazon or Walmart today!

Stay tuned here and on social media for info, videos, and more!


Abby Royal


Mentally fractured by her recent "resurrection", Abby must put the pieces of her life back together again if she's to survive this nightmare she now lives in.

Actress: Kirstie Piper

Dave Harper


While attempting to lead the group safely home, Dave struggles to teach Abby how to trust again amidst the chaos that ensues.

Actor : Jacob Reinhard

Jon Bowman


Always the big brother, Jon endeavors to protect the group on their journey home. But, can he protect himself?

Actor: Daniel Cutteridge

Paulie Goodman


Staff Sgt. Paul "Paulie" Goodman leads the B Team on their campaign to cure the infected while managing the rising tensions with his protege, Michaela.

Actor: Rick Boling

Michaela Bowman


A battle-proven warrior and Jon's baby sister, Michaela's strong will keeps her alive in this new and dangerous world, but also in constant conflict with her mentor, Paulie. 

Actress: Megan Reinhard



A continual thorn in the side of the group, Schneider is a psycho redneck with a fancy gun and a bad attitude. Need we say more?  

Actor: Michael Marks

Lincoln Marx


The enforcer of Brother Eli's strange cult, Lincoln does what he must to protect those entrusted to his care, but questions his brother's cause.

Actor: Matt Long

"Brother Eli" Marx


"Brother Eli" dreams of a world made right through his brotherhood and his own brand of justice. His good intentions, however, do not excuse the means by which his order and justice are dispensed.

Actor: Jerry Pyle



Eaters, strays, deadheads, or whatever you choose to call them, there's always one too many of the living dead.

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 If you've seen the film, you may be asking yourself some questions like:

"Why is there a scripture at the end of the film?"

"Why do you call this an allegory? What are you really trying to say with this story?"

"Why say this a faith based film?"

"Why should I care?"


In this short video, writer/director Matt Long gives us some answers and helps us ask the better question: Not WHY, but WHAT IF?

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